Reunion 2020

WT’s Virtual Reunion 2020 brought together alums from across generations to participate in a dozen uniquely curated events and Class Parties. Alums participated from their living rooms, offices, and dorms from across the country and as far away as Namibia and Switzerland.

Highlights included:

  • a virtual class visit where alums and current students collaborated in a dramatic reading of The Odyssey
  • a passionate discussion on the Constitution led by Dr. Jane L. Scarborough, Former Head of School and Honorary Alumna, and WT Trustee Deborah Acklin ’80, President and Chief Executive Officer WQED Multimedia
  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and White Affinity Group gatherings
  • Cocktails, Mocktails, and Apps hosted by Head of School Dr. Scott D. Fech, his husband, Rick Soria, and their son, Beckett
  • a Throwback Dance Party—complete with costume changes, kids, pets, and WT gear—hosted by Ilana Ransom Toeplitz ’05 with music by DJ Cardi in Miami.

Virtual activities for alums will continue to be offered throughout the year and at future reunions. Contact Amiena Mahsoob at or 412-578-7511 if you would like to gather your class on Zoom or if you have an idea for a virtual get-together. Visit to catch up on some of the Virtual Reunion highlights.

Class of ‘65 Cocktail and Hors d’oeuvres Party and Discussion

Class of 65 zoom meeting

(Top Row) Nancy Herron, Emily ‘Tabby’ Amerman Vagnoni, Samantha Francis Flynn, Susan MacMichael Zuntini, Ronda Lustman; (Second Row) Ellen Halteman, Eleanor Levinson Peris, Carol Heape, Margaret ‘Peggy’ Stubbs, Ann Barber Smith; (Third Row) Judith ‘Judy’ Johnson Smith, Catherine ‘Cathy’ Crutchfield Swatek, Frances ‘Fran’ Weber, Marsha Powell Cable, Nancy Clever Middleton; (Fourth Row)  Margaret ‘Marny’ Riehl Peabody, Helen Mar Parkin, Daryl Massey Bladen, Claudine Cmarada Schneider, Carolyn Slease Frahm; (Bottom Row) Wendy Obernauer Damon, Cynthia ‘Cynnie’ Pearson Turich, Julie Hibbard Crittenden, Robyn Johnson Alspach, Alice Wadsworth

BIPOC alums cultivate joy and fellowship.

Zoom meeting

(Top Row) Joy Titus-Young ’92, Don Mike Mendoza ’06, Latika Ravi Signorelli ’97, Brandilyn ‘Brandi’ Dumas ’99; (Middle Row) Consultant Priyanka Rupani, Linsey McDaniel A’96, Tiffany Sizemore ’95, Mary Martin ’88; (Bottom Row) Jimyse Brown ’10, Lisa Baldwin-Youngblood ’84


Dr. Fech (L) and husband Rick Soria (R) share laughter and cocktails with alums.
Urban Art

Mary Martin ’88’s Urban Art students share their self-portraits and debrief on a recent City as Our Campus experience with graffiti artist Max Gonzalez.

Dr. Scarborough engages in a lively discussion with many former students.

50th Class Zoom Reunion and Small Group Chats Reunion 1970 zoom

(Top Row) Mary Navarro, Helen Berkman Habbert, Saralu ‘Sarah’ Baehr, Anne Peters, Karen Tall; (Second Row) Jane Appleyard Roel, Susan Nill Flynn, Sally Weigler Golden, Susan Crump Hammond, Rose Sherman Lenchner, Linda Thiessen Bankson, and Sharon Simon Dunlap (pictured together); (Third Row) Joeta Klimoski D’Este, Carolyn Gillespie Raetzke, Megan ‘Meg’ Hall Dooley, Joanne Thomas Asbill, Hilary Tyson Porter; (Fourth Row) Rebecca ‘Becky’ Niles Lingard, Polly Haight Frawley, Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Gargano, Jane Cauley, Cynthia Hodgson Clampitt; (Bottom Row) Kathryn ‘Kate’ Peluse, Leslie Gross Huff, Sarah Scott Schuyler, Amiena Mahsoob

The Class of ’00 Catchup (Children and Pets Welcome)

class of 2020 zoom

(Top Row) Rasika Teredesai, Sahar Ghaheri, Andrew Santelli and San-Yi ‘Shirley’ Lin (pictured together);  (Second Row) Ian Pajer-Rogers, Erinn Evans Andrews, John Clayton and Noah Ginsburg (pictured together); (Third Row) Leslie McJunkin Hoover, Tara A. McGovern,  Andrea Goldblum Blau, Lindsey Meyers Van der Veer, and Jason Shavers (pictured together); (Bottom Row) Claire Blaustein, William ‘Billy’ Moore, Nawal Qarooni Casiano

Virtual Reunion Moments Gallery