n March, the Winchester Thurston School Board of Trustees voted to consolidate the two Lower School campuses onto the City Campus. The 2019-2020 school year is the final year of operations at the North Campus.

For more than 30 years, the North Campus has been an important part of WT’s history. It has represented an opportunity for students to engage and explore in outdoor classrooms and to experience pond life, the Pioneer Trail, and Miss Maple. And for the community as a whole, Applefest, Walks in the Woods, and WT’s Summer Camp program—offering more than 100 unique adventures each summer—have brought the magic of the North Campus to thousands of families throughout the years.

“The decision to close the North Campus and unite the Lower Schools into the City Campus came after a great deal of consideration and study over many years,” noted Board President Paul Rosenblatt. “With enrollment challenges that we continued to experience at the North Campus since its opening, we wanted to evaluate our current campus model and stretch the way that we think about adapting to a changing world.

“While we understand that this has been painful for many families, we are deeply grateful to the faculty and staff—many of whom were with WT for decades—for their role in making the North Campus experience a deeply meaningful one for so many.”

The larger joint enrollment, which will result from unifying the campuses, will enable enhanced programmatic opportunities as well as more robust social and professional interactions. And, the ability to focus resources onto one campus will strengthen and expand opportunities for all WT students.