Miss Mitchell Society

Miss Mitchell

Dr. Mary A. Graham Mitchell was a visionary leader. ℘ She broke boundaries by creating a school dedicated to educating women and preparing them for the rigors of a university setting. ℘ She reimagined learning …

A teacher.
A coach.
An act of love.

Someone in your life, past or present, recognizes your potential, inspires you to be your best self, and helps you find purpose. For many, that someone is a member of the WT community—a teacher, coach, specialist, or administrator.

We all deserve that someone. Be that someone for another.
Celebrate a teacher, classmate, or special occasion by giving the gift that actively engages and develops young minds. Your tribute gift will help provide competitve salaries, healthcare, and professional learning opportunites to the faculty and staff of WT.

Spread the joy. Be that someone today.
Visit give.winchesterthurston.org/tribute to make your gift and send a special ecard or call
412-578-3748 to request a tribute booklet.


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